Insights into logo design

My goal was simple….write a series of blog posts talking about the art and science of logo design and selection.

We got the company LogoInn to donate logo design time.  We ran a contest and the city of Colfax became the lucky recipient of the free logo design…and it went haywire from there!

Which honestly, is a great example of how logo design works.  It isn't always neat and pretty.  Sometimes, it is painful.  And you need to choose a partner who knows the ropes and will stick with you.

If you want to follow the saga, here are the links.

That last post was where things spiraled out of control.  The city of Colfax (and most of my commenting readers) weren't crazy about any of the logos.  So I sent all the critiques back to the logo company and then heard nothing.  I've attempted to e-mail my contact there for several months — but nothing.  (Update…I got an e-mail from them today!)

But I promised the city of Colfax a new logo and dang it, they're going to get one!

So….we decided to run another contest…but this time for designers.  Anyone who wanted to enter a logo could.  The winning logo designer would get s $250 VISA gift card.

Today….I am delighted to tell you we have 23 new logos to examine, discuss and hopefully…decide upon.  7 designers submitted logos.  I am purposefully not identifying the designers at this time…but I will once the winner has been selected.

When viewing and trying to select a new logo for your company/brand, remember these rules:

  • Always view the logos in black and white first.
  • Always view the logos in a relatively small size.  If it doesn't work small — it doesn't work.
  • Always view all logos in relatively the same size, so you are comparing apples to apples.
  • Remember — this is a subjective decision.  Be careful that "committee think" doesn't paralyze you.

To view all 23 logos on the web — click here.

To download a PDF (larger images) of all 23 logos — click here.

Then, come on back here…and let's talk about the designs, the process and how you go about accessing a good logo.  (Please remember…be respectful of the designers who did these — anyone trash talking will be immediately booted.)