Relentless follow through

Shutterstock_17486284 One of the biggest relationship killers is silence.

Do you know that most businesses lose the opportunity to get a new client simply because they don't respond to an inquiry?   That's right…return a phone call, answer an e-mail and voila — you get a client.  The percentage of businesses that fail to respond to a new business inquiry is staggering. 

If you have a problem that the client is counting on you to solve…regular phone calls to provide updates will help you keep a client.  Even if the solution is a sticky one.

The final deliverable of a big project is finally in your client's hands.  Do you check in to make sure they're delighted?

When was the last time you just jotted a note or picked up the phone to say "thank you" for your business and your trust?

Chasing a perfect prospect who just isn't ready to buy?  How long do you keep reaching out before you give up and just assume they're not worth the effort?

I can hear you now…I'm just so busy…I mean to call.  I'm just not good at following up.  Some people are just naturally better at that.  

Horse Pucky.  (I told you I was working on ramping up my vocabulary!

Relentless follow through happens when it is planned.  When it's part of your sales cycle.  That's the head part of the equation.  But it also has to be part of your culture.  That's the heart part.  It's about caring enough.

After all — we know that most buying decisions (and client retention decisions) come down to that.  Caring.  A buyer (and your current customers) really wants to look you in the eye and ask — do you care enough? 

That's the differentiator.  And that's what relentless follow through demonstrates.

Do you have a call to make?

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