Do you inspire customer service tales?

Everyone loves to tell a good story.  Stories teach, they inspire laughter and the bring about change.  As consumers, we love to tell stories about the people we buy from — good, bad or ugly. 

If I stopped 10 of your clients/customers today and asked them to tell me a story about your company's customer service — what story would they tell?

Would it be as compelling as this story about Frank? (E-mail and RSS feed subscribers, click here to watch the video)

If after watching the video, you had to honestly answer no — ask yourself this:  What could I do on a consistent basis that would get my customers to the point where they couldn't stop themselves from telling the story?

A big thanks to Laynie Kelly for telling me about this video!

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5 comments on “Do you inspire customer service tales?

  1. Stan Phelps says:


    A tremendous post as usual. I’ve just listed Shep’s example of Frank in the Purple Goldfish Project.

    In the five r.u.l.e.s of creating a marketing lagniappe (providing that little unexpected extra), the ‘s’ stands for sticky. When you go ‘above and beyond’ to create a unique customer experience, is it something that folks will want to write home about? Is it purple? Does it stick in their memory so it becomes a story? Is it watercooler or ‘statusphere’ material (status updates on Facebook and Twitter)?

    Sometimes the little things can make the biggest difference. Where is the lagniappe in your marketing?


  2. Independently if they tell a good or bad story, what is for sure is that you have to be there to hear it. If you miss the opportunity, you miss the chance to upgrade your service/product. Startups looking for further tips about customer service, join the conversation here

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  4. Stan,

    As we both know — if it makes a great story, it has a much higher potential for stickiness! In this case, because the cab driver was different from what we are used to — the story engages us.

    Glad I could add to your growing list!


  5. Jake Bere says:

    Nice post Drew. A vivid and full explanation of what customer service is all about. I am a post about what I learn from this video and article.

    Thanks for continuous superb business and marketing insights.

    Jake Bere

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