Marketing tip #26: Be brave enough not to tell the whole story

When you are creating content — be it marketing copy for a brochure, an e-book, a radio script or even leaving a sales call voicemail — you need to know when to shut up.  We're so eager to tell the customers/prospects all about our widget, service or knowledge — we try to cram it all into one message.

Which is satisfying to us, but miserable for the audience.  Like a firehose — we've flooded them with facts, features and benefits.  And in the end, they can't remember any of it.

Next time — be brave.  Tell them the most important thing.  And then, shut up.  Too many words clog the brain and never allow you to connect with their heart.  And that's where the buying decision happens.  In their heart.

Nissan's new TV spot for their LEAF vehicle gets it.  Watch this spot and then identify the single most important fact about this car.  I will bet you a dozen donuts — you won't forget it. (e-mail subscribers, click here to view.)


Would someone react the same way (emotionally charged AND remembering the key point) if they looked at whatever you wrote last?

If not…how could you turn that around?


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