Marketing tip #71: Upsell with the choice of 3

92022598 Gold, silver or bronze?  Best, better, good?  Economy, standard or premium?

Is it just an odd coincidence that we as consumers are often presented with three tiered choices? Actually it's no coincidence at all.

They have proven scientifically that in most cases (I can't find the study or I would be more specific) the consumer will opt for the middle choice.  

Here's how our brains see the options:

  • The lowest choice seems bare-bones.  
  • The highest choice seems extravagant.  
  • But the middle choice… now, that's pragmatic.  Not too little and not too much.

If you want to earn more revenue from your existing customers — package their choices differently.  Be sure there is an actual value difference (both in what they get and what they pay) in the tiers…but then, give them 3 options.

And stock up on whatever is lucky #2!



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