Think social media isn’t for B2B segment? Think again.

it seems like many of the social media examples that people use on a daily basis (Zappos, Dell, etc.) are B2C products which sometimes gives the false impression that you have to sell a "thing" for this social media stuff to work.


Check out this little video (done by the Earnest Agency out of London) that puts some very interesting stats on the table.  See if you recognize yourself in the video! (e-mail readers, click here to view video.)





So, what do you think?  What do the stats say to you?

6 comments on “Think social media isn’t for B2B segment? Think again.

  1. Chris Jones says:

    Great timing on this post! We are talking about this in my Consumer Behavior course. I thought the most interesting statistics in the video were the ones about how 54% of CIOs prohibit the use of social networking sites at work, as well as the one that states that 63% of client marketers do not have a social media strategy. The major concern has to be fear of losing productivity among its employees. Our professor showed us this article in class and even though its about a year old, I think it ties in perfectly in showing why so many companies don’t implement a social media strategy:

  2. Roy Williams once was told before going out to speak to a room of mostly senior executives, mostly at or near retirement age, not to mention the Internet or email because they didn’t use it. Being the contrarian that he is, his first question was, “How many of you have an email account you check daily?” Nearly every hand went up. With a wink to the organizer, Roy went on with his presentation as planned.

    Don’t assume these new tools are not being used in the c-suites.

  3. Jessica says:

    I’m actually a fan of the animated typography clips that have come out over the past year, and I saw this one back when it came out in June. Though I’m always excited to see something that says “B2B” and “social media” in the same breath, I found very little to take away. Not sure if marketing and sales were purposefully rendered as two blue balls , but I did find the stat interesting – 90% of marketing deliverables aren’t used by sales.

  4. Amish Patel says:

    It was a good informative video. At the same time some of the references could have made this video more realistic. Excellent data provided, as I mentioned some reference could have added some additional weight to the entire video.

  5. Chris — I’m curious — did your class come to any conclusions about how businesses are reacting to social media in regards to their employees?

    Did you guys agree with the trend to restrict it in the workplace? What are the pluses and minuses?


  6. Phil,

    Great story — it goes to prove the point that we have to be very careful of our assumptions. They can and will bite us in the rear end almost every time!


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