If you look just like your competition…

July 21, 2011

…Windows version of the Genius Bar

…then how will I know it’s you?

I was at the Mall of America earlier this month and came upon a Microsoft Windows store.  I’d never seen one before, so we wandered in.  And it wasn’t a Microsoft Windows store.

It was an Apple Store with Microsoft products in it!

Right down to the Genius Bar — they’d copied everything.  That’s hardly the way to build your brand.  In fairness…they did have the hardwood floors and the stools.  So that’s a little different.

But other than that — you name a feature of the Apple Store — and it was there.  (minus the cool products of course…they don’t sell Mac stuff!)

I’d contend that if you don’t have a better sense of who you are and how both you and your customers are different — you have some brand homework to do.  Before you open up shop.

Oh look, people playing with tablets and laptops



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Apple is the most valuable brand

May 15, 2011


Screen shot 2011 05 11 at 6 54 37 PM

In 2010, global technology brand Apple surpassed Google to become the most valuable brand in the world, according to “Brandz Top 100″ from Millward Brown and Optimor. Apple increased in value by 84% to $153.3 billion.




Interestingly, technology companies took four of the top five places, including the first three, on this year’s list. They include 2009’s top brand Google coming in second with a value of about $111.5 billion (down 2%), IBM falling from second to third even as its value rose 17% to $110.8 billion, McDonald’s jumping from number six to number four as its value grew 23% to $81 billion, and Microsoft slipping from number four to number five, with 2% growth to $78.2 billion.

Take that HP Slate and Lenovo’s IdeaPad.


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