Want to create an Apple-sized buzz?

Despite my frustrations about how Apple announced the iPhone or how they mishandled iPod Mondays, I do love the brand.  I love what it stands for and, in general, how they communicate.

Inc.com did a very nice little slide show, How to Generate Buzz like Apple.  Unfortunately, they don’t give me any way to add the code so you can watch it here…or a URL I can share.

So, I did the next best thing. The screen shots are worth the scroll. I promise.  Don’t just read the headlines…some marketing greats are quoted in the body copy as well.

Kudos to creators Leslie Taylor and Erika Schneider.  If anyone finds a better way to show this (I checked to see if it was on YouTube) let me know and I’ll update!










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6 comments on “Want to create an Apple-sized buzz?

  1. That’s a nice, innovative way to share your tips.

  2. Paul McEnany says:

    No offense, Drew, but I refuse to read anything about how to create buzz that doesn’t offer a better way of passing it along. 🙂

  3. Dawud,

    I thought the content was very good. I was disappointed, as I pointed out, that they didn’t make it more shareable.

    Nice to see you at the blog — hope you’ll keep adding to the conversation!


  4. Paul,

    No offense taken. I’m just the messenger. I agree with you that its insane that they didn’t more viral.

    But that doesn’t take away the value of the content itself.


  5. Ann Handley says:

    I’m a huge Apple fan, too, which is why I loved this:


    Great marketing lesson, here.

  6. Ann,

    Love it! This should be mandatory viewing for all marketing students.

    And…it should be shown to them again after they’ve been on the job for a few years just to wear down the jaded veneer that will have built up by then!


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