Get your fill at the new branding smorgasbord!


As you know, I seem to be drawn to group collaborations.  I love the greater than the whole concept.  And we’ve proven it to be true already.  Together, you and I…and some other smart marketers have created the Advice for College Grads PDF, the Age of Conversation, The Blogger Social ’08 and now…


BrandingWire is the brainchild of Steve Woodruff.  He wanted to create “a collaboration of high-profile branding and marketing pundits, who band together to tackle branding challenges and topics on a regular basis.” I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the merry band.

Here’s how it will work:  The team will mutually decide on a branding topic or focus for the month.  Then, on a specified day (for June it is a week from today – June 11th.  Each blogger will post his/her take on the topic on their own blog. It will be very interesting to compare and learn from everyone’s differing perspective.  My guess is that you’ll see some who will dive deep and others who will take a broader view.  But there will be something to learn from each.  And if you want to view/read all the BrandingWire takes in one fell swoop, you can check out the PageFlakes compilation.

It’s unscripted, it’s unedited…so it’s sure to be worth the read.

Filling out the BrandingWire roster are:

Olivier Blanchard
Becky Carroll
Derrick Daye
Kevin Dugan
Lewis Green
Ann Handley
Gavin  Heaton
Martin Jelsema (also the designer of the BW logo above!)
Valeria Maltoni
Drew McLellan
Patrick Schaber
Steve Woodruff

If you’d like to read more about the team, check out the BrandingWire website.


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8 comments on “Get your fill at the new branding smorgasbord!

  1. Hey Drew,
    Looking forward to working with you on this!


  2. Are we ever going to have some fun over the coming months! Can’t wait to see the collective creativity as it pours forth next week!

  3. Connie says:

    This is the 3rd or 4th blog post I’ve read about this today, and the anticipation is certainly building. I’m really looking forward to the group’s debut!

  4. Lewis Green says:

    Should be interesting.

  5. Drew, this will be a lot of fun to work on with you and the rest of the posse!

  6. Pat — And I, you. Anything I can do with such a smart group — I’m in.

    Steve — you’ve assembled a remarkable group of incredibly insightful bloggers. I’m thrilled to be among them. And you’re right — this is going to be fun!


  7. Connie — I think this is going to be quite the experiment. I’m looking forward to comparing how the different bloggers think/respond to the same challenge.

    Lew — anything with you is an adventure and I’m in!

    Becky — I agree. Steve has put together a great team and it will be fun just to be a part of it.


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