Harry Beckwith’s genius x 40 (part 2)

Picture_1 A couple days ago, I shared with you the first installment of Harry Beckwith’s 40 conclusions about what motivates people.  I said, if you liked it I would share more.  Well, you sure liked it (I knew you were smart!) so here’s a few more.

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  • Never take seriously what people say they think, because people are never sure. Trust only action.
  • The more similar two things appear, the more important their tiny differences. Accentuate the trivial.
  • Your most valuable salesperson is the person who answers your phones.
  • You must improve constantly, because people’s expectations rise constantly.
  • People don’t care how good you are. They care how good you can make them.
  • The best companies don’t make the fewest mistakes; they make the best corrections.
  • You cannot convince someone you have a superior product at a low price. Make up your mind.
  • We call them "premium prices" because a higher price represents insurance that your product will perform.
  • Despite all the warnings, all people judge books by their covers.
  • People hear what they see; you must communicate visually.
  • The more complex our society becomes, the more valuable your brand becomes.

So what do you think?  Ring true for you?  Had you forgotten some of these truths?

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