Support and prayers for our buddy, MasiGuy

May 1, 2008

Picture_17 One of the biggest benefits of online communication is how quickly something can be created and shared.  Works well for marketing and it also works well when the community needs to be alerted to something.

Today we quickly got word that Tim Jackson (aka MasiGuy), a much loved and respected marketing & cycling blogger was in a serious cycling accident Tuesday night.

While competing in a race, he hit the boards in the 24th lap of a 25-lap contest and sustained a concussion, broken ribs, a few of his neck bones are fractured, his thumb was badly severed and required surgery.

Fortunately he was wearing a helmet or this story would probably not have a happy ending.  Tim’s going to have a doozy of a recovery but no doubt he’ll be back in the saddle as soon as he can be.

What can we do?  What we do best.  Rally around him, send encouragement, and if you can afford to, give him a little help financially to get through this tough time.


Read updates about him, leave a message and learn about the Get Well fund at this post right here.


A bag full of ideas 12/29/07

December 29, 2007

Bagful From time to time, I’m going to share a mixed bag of ideas, marketing tips, brilliant writing and sometimes — something that just made me laugh out loud.  Here’s today’s offering:

This one had me thinking.: Here’s today’s offering: If you don’t already know about Christine Kane’s blog on creativity — you need to discover it. Quickly.

Christine brings back an idea she shared last year.  Rather than setting a resolution — why not choose ONE word to be the guiding principle of 2008?  Her post really triggers some soul searching.

This one had me signing "Happy Birthday" to all blogs!:    NPR is doing a series on blogging to commemorate the 10th anniversary of blogs.  They’ve got a great mix of audio interviews, articles and information.  Really fascinating stuff.  Hat tip to Susan Reynolds who shared this link with me via twitter.

This one has me saying "duh!": The New York Times declares that blogging is a low cost, high return marketing tool.  Duh.  This flash came to them based on a survey done by American Express.  The article goes on to say that blogging requires writing skills and a time commitment.  I’ll be damned.


Blogtipping — December ’07

December 1, 2007

Picture_5_1 I am joining with my fellow bloggers in celebrating some new blogs that I enjoyed this past month. 

As is the blogtipping tradition, (created by Easton Ellsworth) I’ll offer a few reasons why I like the blog and one suggestion for improvement.

This month’s nods go to….

The Kiss Business Too is a very funny and very smart blog about business and doing it better by keeping it simple.

Things I love:

  • The humor in the posts.
  • Lots of outbound links, introducing us to other great blogs.
  • The writing style is very approachable and comfortable.


  • Add a search function so your readers can dig deeper into your content.

Young Entrepreneur was founded by two brothers, Matthew and Adam Toren. The focus is very tight — as the name suggests, entrepreneurs.  Within that framework though, they cover a wide range of topics.

Things I love:

  • The diversity of your posts/topics.
  • How you include other experts through interviews.
  • Nice use of multiple authors.


  • Maybe it’s just me and the fact that I am not that young anymore…but dang, your font is small!

Strategize is Ross Hollman’s blog on business strategizing.  But it actually spans a bit broader than that, covering many aspects of business.

Things I love:

  • Nice, clean layout.
  • Good use of visuals, video and examples.
  • Readers get a very good sense of you in every post.


  • How about using tools like MyBlogLog and The Good Blogs to build an even bigger community?

There you have it discerning readers…until next month’s blogtipping adventure!


Now I really heart NY!

March 13, 2007

Drewckedit Imagine a whirlwind, fast-paced 3+ hour conversation that spanned welcoming new bloggers, world politics, collaboration, prejudice, writing styles, buying shoes, the folly of mixing cough medicine and client meetings, working in sweats, life partners, a passion for marketing and seducing the elderly.

Who could possibly cover all that with wit, eloquence and style?

None other than our CK.  I had the amazing good fortune of sharing a magnificent dinner at Keens, much laughter and a few good hugs with her this weekend.  I have no doubt we will share many more over the years.

I have loved NYC for a long time. The energy, the theatre district and for me, many wonderful memories.

But after this past weekend, I have another reason to love NYC.

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