Want to tune up your sales savvy?

In terms of sales strategists, they don't come much smarter or more engaging than Jill Konrath.  I've shared some of her ideas here before.  She's got a great blog and has written the best selling book Selling to Big Companies.

One of the marketing/sales concepts that I preach all the time is give a little first.  If you want someone to give you their valuable time or attention, let alone their money — you give first.  A free sample to let them taste what they can have for themselves.

Jill, as you'd guess, is a master at this technique. 

In launching her sales conference (November 5-6, Mpls) geared specifically for women, Sales SheBang, she has put together an incredible Goody Bag, filled with free e-books on the art and science of selling, all written by Jill herself.

I'm no fool so I downloaded each and every e-book.  Each one is an excellent primer on a different aspect of selling.  Check out this grid of insights from one of Jill's e-books.


There's content for staff meeting or two right there!

In a recent e-mail exchange Jill said something that I think is very indicative of who she is as a person.  She said, "I am in my "mentoring" years and willingly share what I have to help others in any way that I can."

Take Jill up on that offer…grab those e-books and soak up the smarts.

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