A holiday TV spot that stays true to the brand

This time of year, it seems like many companies choose between business as usual TV spots or dropping their key messages and instead — spreading some holiday cheer.

Leave it to Apple to find a way to do both. 

P.S.  Santa is bringing all the good boys and girls an Apple product this holiday season.  Were you on the nice or naughty list?

(A hat tip to Paul Herring @ ChaosScenario for sharing the spot first.)

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4 comments on “A holiday TV spot that stays true to the brand

  1. I just saw this commercial today…which is rare since I generally only watch DVR’d stuff. But I loved it. Hysterical. I love the PC guy. You just want to hug him, pat him on the back, then buy a mac anyway.

  2. I love the ad and Apple (so far with one minor point of improvement to suggest;-). There is always a choice between doing what is expected and digging a little further, telling an interesting story, showing a human voice.

  3. Kathryn,

    I think that’s one of the reasons this ad series has been so successful — they don’t make PC out to be a bad guy.

    He’s just kind of dull and you feel a little sorry for him. But you sure as heck don’t want to buy him.

    It’s a brilliant subtle touch that most “us versus them” ads completely miss.


  4. Valeria,

    I think this ad series reminds us that there’s power to be had and harnessed, no matter where in the rankings of a product category you are.

    This is truly an example of Joe Calloway’s — become a category of one thinking.

    Since you’re a recent Apple convert… what would be your one improvement?


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