Consumers Spill: White Lies They Tell Businesses/Business Owners All the Time

Whitelie ~ I really care about you or business’ success.

~ You looked so good in your TV commercial.  You should never pay for professional talent.

~ I don’t know how much I have to spend.

~ I behave just like everyone else in my demographic.

~ I don’t mind waiting for you to finish your personal conversation before acknowledging me.

~ It’s okay to ignore me if you don’t know the answer.

~ Let me get right back to you on that.  Thanks so much for the cold call.

~ No, no….everything is fine.  We’ll be back soon.

Of course, the consumers don’t utter these words.  They just behave politely and sales people and business owners make erroneous assumptions every day, based on those behaviors.

Which of these lies are you choosing to believe?

Note:  This post was instigated by Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame. He wrote a post claiming that you can always get blog post inspiration from the cover of Cosmo magazine and challenged his readers to give it a try.  Hat tip to my friend Director Tom for reminding me to take part.