We have a Colfax Mainstreet logo winner!

H2oxDesign-ColfaxLogo Wow…the process of getting the community of Colfax a new logo has been a winding road!  In a nutshell, here's what happened:

If you want to follow the saga, here are the links.

We now have a winner!!  (check out all 23 logos here)  The Colfax Mainstreet team selected #13 (see above) designed by Heather Haaland.  #11 was their close 2nd choice.

Many, many thanks to all 6 designers:

  1. Heather Haaland (design 13)
  2. Jim Hill (designs 1,3,5 and 6)
  3. Alvin McCoy (18-23)
  4. Cyndi Wiley ( designs 7-9)
  5. Dan Lester (designs 2 and 4)
  6. Robin Blake (designs 10-12)

But the work is not done.  Now Heather and the Colfax Mainstreet team need to work through decisions like color and usage in things like letterhead, business cards etc.  So stay tuned.  We'll share their results in the near future!

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2 comments on “We have a Colfax Mainstreet logo winner!

  1. John V says:

    Personally I’d not want to be asked to design a company or community “logo” in isolation from the client or for free!! More importantly, Colefax Mainstreet would probably benefit much more from a brand strategy-led process than what on the surface at least seems a fairly superficial crash-out-a-logo once-over (not a criticism of the design itself, but of the process).

    And I could never be convinced that presenting 26 options was a good idea…

    Sorry Drew, but I suspect (and with respect think) it’s possibly time for the marketing generalists to let the branding people do what they’re best at!! : )

  2. John,

    You are so right. After all, I’ve specialized in branding and marketing strategy for over 25 years. So you’ll get no argument from me.

    But we don’t live in an ideal world. So for places like Colfax, who have $0 — this seems like a better solution than nothing. I’m trying to do a little teaching so that businesses and non-profits who can’t afford my firm or yours still have a shot at doing it well.

    Unless of course your firm is offering to give them the full treatment for free. I’d be happy to make the introduction, if that’s the case.


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