7 lessons worth learning

Picture_4 Over at the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog, they have set a big, hairy, audacious goal.  In honor of the day of luck (Saturday, 07/07/07) they are trying to accumulate 777 learning links.

It's simple.

Come up with 7 (or more) posts that inspired a learning moment and go over and post it in their comments section.  I just posted mine and thought I'd share them with you here as well.

If you look at the posts I've chosen, you'll see that for me the posts worthy of this effort were not about "how to" but instead "why it matters" types of learning.

Hope Saved on a Laptop

This 9/11 story is a powerful reminder that waiting until tomorrow to chase our dreams may be too late. We owe it to ourselves to at least begin the journey today.

What Do You Believe In?

This grew out of a famous scene in the movie Bull Durham. The question…what do you believe in generated some remarkable answers throughout the blogosphere. The learning comes from asking yourself the question.

Want to feel good about our world?

I can't watch this YouTube video (and read the accompanying story) without tearing up. This is a story about a son's dream and a father's love which brought the dream to life.

Marketing Lessons from Walt Disney

A week's stay in Walt Disney World turns into a Master's Degree in marketing, thanks to the genius of Walt Disney.

I Wish I Had Written This
 One of the finest examples of writing I have ever seen.  It is absolutely brilliant and shoudl inspire every writer to reach a little deeper.

I Hail the First-Person Singular Pronoun

A very straightforward reminder of the power of word choice.  And the power of the individual.

Helping College Grads Get a Job – FREE e-book

This collaboration became a stupendous e-book with professional and life lessons for recent college grads and even seasoned professionals.

You can also check out the compilation of the posts in a sorted order.

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