Who is in my conga line? YOU!

Picture_7And boy, look at what we've been able to do together!

Today is this blog's first blogiversary and so I've spent this week honoring some people who have been in front of the line, leading the dance and keeping us on beat.  Because I sure didn't get here alone!

But without a doubt — the biggest thanks go to you.  The people who come here to teach,  talk, ask and share. 

Anniversaries are, by their nature, about numbers.  Technorati rankings, subscribers, etc are important but what I'm really proud of it are the numbers we've generated together this year.

There's not one thing on this list I could have done alone. I am so honored and grateful that you've been a part of it all.

Age of Conversation
103 authors
Over 1,300 copies sold
Over $10,000 raised for Variety, the Children's Charity

Giving College Grads a Fighting Chance
50 pages of sage counsel from 50 different professionals
2 downloadable PDF versions
Thousands of downloads

New Blogger's Toolbox
57 resources (blogs and articles)
15 contributors
Thousands of hits (and hopefully helps!)

Marketing Lessons from Walt
11 pages of Disneycentric marketing wisdom
Thousands of downloads

446 conversations started
Many more to come!

So my friends….in the end, the conga line has gotten pretty long.  And I couldn't be happier.  Thank you for enriching the conversation.  I hope you'll stick around for year #2!

Thank you to all commenters, including the following:

Aaron M. Potts, Aaron Davidson, Adam Brucker, Adam Kayce, Adam Steen, Adrian Lee, Adriana, Al, Aldian Prakoso, Alex Bellinger, Alvin Borromeo, Amelia, Amy, Amy HVG, Andrew Clark, Andrew Flusche, Anita Bruzzese, Andy Beard, Andy Brudtkuhl, Andy Drish, Ann Handley, ann michael, Anna Farmery, Anne Simons, Art Dinkin, Arun Rajagopal, Bartbasketer, Becky, Becky Carroll, Becky McCray, Becky-Joe, Ben Yoskovitz, Beth, Bill Gammell, Bob Glaza, Bob LeDrew, Brad Shorr, Brett Duncan, Brett Rogers, Brett TroutBrian Clark, Bryan Person, C. B. Whittemore, Cam Beck, Caroline Melberg, Carolyn Manning, Char, Charles Brown, Charlie, Charlie, ChrisChris Brown, Chris Clarke, Chris Cree, chris gribble, Chris Kieff, Chris Punke, CK, Chris, Christine Kane, Chris Newlan, Christopher, Trottier, Chuck, ClaraClaire Celsi, Claire Walter, Clyde SmithConnie Reece, Copywriting Services, Cord Silverstein, Cory Garrison, Craig Harper, Dan, Dan Scwabel, Dani, Daniel Sitter, Daria Radota Rasmussen, Dario,  Darren, Dave FordeDavid Airey, David Armano, David Berkowitz, David Brazeal, David Dalka, David Koopmans, David Meerman Scott, David Reich, Dawud Miracle, Debra MurphyDelaney Kirk, Dennis Bjørn Petersen, Derek Tutschulte, Donna Konley, DotMySpot, Doug, Doug Karr, Doug Meacham, Douglas Mitchell, Dustin Jacobsen, Easton Ellsworth, Elizabeth Anderson, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Saunders, Ellen Weber, Elysa, Eric Brown, Eric Kintz, Erin Blaskie, Fran, Gabriel, Galt, Gavin Heaton, gianandrea facchini, Graham HillGuy Kawasaki, Hannah, Heather Gallegos, Helen, Howie, Ian, Irene, JG Richards, Jaap Steinvoorte, Jack Hayhow, Jackie Cameron, Jackie Shervington, Jake Nudge, Jamie Shiels, Jane, Jane Greer, Janet Green, Janice, Jay Thompson, Jaynie, Jeff, Jeff Morris, Jeff Weinberger, Jennifer Espeland, Jessica Colleen, Jeremy, Jim Durbin, Jim Kukral, Jim Lane, Jim Tobin, Jim D Walton, Joan Schramm, Joanna YoungJoe Raasch, John, JohnJohn Dawson, John Jackson, Jon Burg, Jonathan Lenhart, Jonathan Treiber, Josh MoreJosh SpauldingKami Huyse, Kammie K., Katie Cummings, Katie Konrath, Kevin Dugan, Kevin Hillstrom, Kim Klaver, Kirsten Harrell,, Kristin Gorski, Kristen, Kristen WalkerLarry Hendrick, Larry Lehmer, Laura, Leesa Barnes, Leslie Tane, Lewis Green, Leon, Linkerjpatrick, Lisa, Liz Strauss, Lord Matt, Loren Nason, Lori Grant, Lori Magno, Lou Hampton, Maartje, Mack Collier, Madena M Burman, Marcus Brown, MarkMark Riffey, Marie, Mario Sundar, Mario Vellandi, Mark Blair , Mark Goren, Mark Stinson, Mark True, Martin Jellsema, Mary Schmidt, Mason, Matt Dickman, Matt Hamilton, Matt Haverkamp, Matthew Hooper, Michael Libbie, Michael Morton, Michael Wagner, Michel, Michelle Lamar, Mike Pearce, Mike Sigers, Mike Sansone, Mike Smock, Mike Templeton, Mike Thomas, mindblob, mitch matthews, Moda di Magno, Nathan, Nancy, Nancy, Neil Sanderson, Nettie HartsockNicholas GillNick Darling, Nick Rice, Nikole Gipps, Pat McGraw, Patrick, Patrick Schaber, Paul Enderson, Paul McEnanyPaul Paetz, Penina, Pete Deutschman, Peter Kim, Phil Gerbyshak, Pieter Ardinois, RachelRay Edwards, rishi, Rob Cuesta, Roberta Rosenberg, Robert Hruzek, Robyn McMaster, Roger Anderson, Roger von Oech, Rosa Say, Rush Nigut, Ryan Barrett, Ryan Healy, Ryan Karpeles, Sacrum, Sam Beckwith, Sandy Renshaw, Scott, Scott Ginsberg, Scott Monty, Scott Townsend, Sean Carter, Sean Howard, Sean Woodruff, Seth Godin, Sham, Sharon Sarmiento, Shaping Youth, Sherry Borzo, Simon, SimonStudio, Soni PittsStephanie Sheaffer, Stephanie Weaver, Stephen Denny, Steve Farber, Steve Harper, Steve Lovelace, Steve Miller, Steve  Roesler, Steve Sisler, Steve Woodruff, Susan Gunelius, Susan F. Heywood, Susan Martin, Susan Weiner, Sustainable is Good, Suzanne Obermire, T.J., Terra Anderson, Terry Starbucker, Thomas R. Clifford, Tim Jackson, Timothy L Johnson, Toby Bloomberg, Toby Getsch, Todd And, Tom Guarriello, Tom Swartwood, Tom Vander Well, Tony D. Clark, TravisTshombe, Uwe Hook, V. Michael Santoro, Valeria Maltoni, VanessaVernon Lun, Will Humphrey, Xander, Zane, 4MySales

Who is in my conga line?

Mike Sansone
CK (Christina Kerley)
Gavin Heaton
The smiling faces
My other blog homes

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