All about Apple

Ipod It occurred to me today how often I have written about Apple.  Now granted — I love the Mac.  I wouldn’t use a PC if you gave me one for free. But I’m not letting my brand bias my blog.  (Try saying that 5 times fast!)

One of the truths about elite brands is that they create buzz.  Look at how many opportunities for buzz Apple created that I grabbed onto:

Steve Jobs — $400 million  smart  (the free publicity gained by the iPhone announcement)

Hey raving fans, STOP promoting my product!
(Apple lawyers trip over themselves, letting semantics get in the way of promoting the iPod)

Fortune 500 Corporate blog review series: Apple  (A study of corporate blogs and Apple’s place in that mix)

Want to create an Apple-sized buzz? (Inc. com’s study of how Apple creates buzz)

Should I launch this product?  (My thoughts on the iPhone launch)

Hey Goliath, I think you’re going down! (the Zune versus iPod discussion)

Iphone That’s a post about Apple at least once a month!  How many companies do you know that can/do create that sort of positive buzz?

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