Crash Davis, Belief Statements and renewing those vows

November 17, 2007

Picture_2 My all time favorite meme is one that was started by Starbucker at Ramblings from A Glass Half Full. His post was inspired by the movie Bull Durham.

There’s that famous scene where Kevin Costner goes into a very passionate recitation of his beliefs which got Starbucker to think about his own.  He invited his readers to share theirs…and voila, a meme is born.

This feels like the time of year when we should pause and know what we believe in.  Do you?

Here’s what I said a year ago.  I’m pleased to say, they haven’t changed a bit.

I believe…

  • being a dad is the most important thing I’ll ever do and that my daughter is my legacy to this world.
  • in God’s grace.
  • passion cannot be ignored.
  • in the healing powers of walking along the ocean.
  • in savoring when you hit the sweet spot…and knowing how to recreate it.
  • everyone should have at least one guilty pleasure and one place that makes them feel like a kid again. (Mine is Disney World!)
  • life’s best smells are babies, a puppy’s belly, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, the softness of a special perfume as you dance to a slow song and a horse barn.  (I do not necessarily recommend that these smells be mixed)
  • good people become great people when they give from their hearts and that most bad people are good people who are stuck.
  • we are never too old to play and be silly.
  • that nothing says I love you quicker than holding hands.
  • baseball is a metaphor for life and that doing what’s right often means hitting a sacrifice bunt.
  • the word empower should be removed from the English language.
  • we all decide the spirit of our day.
  • in the resilience of the human spirit, the depth of the human heart and the potential of the human imagination.
  • that everything is about relationships and people hunger to connect.
  • I am on this earth to be a part of things bigger than myself, to give all that I have and to love without hesitation or reservation.

What do you say…will you join in?  Grab hold of your heart…and tell us and your readers (if you’re a blogger) what you believe in.

Here are some of the other posts in the meme.

Ellen Weber
Maria Palma
Tom Vander Well
Mary Schmidt

Come on — join in.  Link or track back to this post so I can add your beliefs to the list!  If you don’t have a blog –share your beliefs in the comments section!

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Blogger Social — it’s time to register!

November 8, 2007

Bloggersocial Blogger Social '08.

Bloggers coming in from foreign lands and all over the States.  It's going to be a party and a half.   Put voices and hugs with those names and faces you've been Twittering, facebooking and blogging with.

It's time to register.  Remember, our deadline is November 15th.

If you can't make the entire weekend, at least show up for the Saturday night soiree!

New York City.  Your friends.  A 2 day party.  What's not to like?

UPDATE: Here's one Aussie who is not going to miss the fun.  How about you?

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Age of Conversation: Three months later

October 29, 2007

Conversation_cover A little over 3 months ago, we launched Age of Conversation with our fingers crossed.  We came screaming out of the gate.

103 authors, most of whom have never looked each other in the eyes.  From 10 different countries.  Working together for a common vision — to publish a book they could be proud of and raise money for the world’s children.

So, how are we doing so far?

In the 90+ days since our launch, together we have raised $10,380.81! (That’s 1,351 books)

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that 98% of those sales took place in the first 60 days. 

It’s time to prove that we know how to market.  The holidays are coming and Age of Conversation would make a great gift for clients, business partners, family or friends.

We’ve got a couple ideas up our sleeve but would love to get some from you too.  How can we get AoC back on the radar screen and on everyone’s wish list this holiday season?

Could we raise another $10,000 in the next 90 days? 



September 29, 2007

Whiterose Today, in terms of milestones, is a big day at our house.  It's our daughter's first homecoming dance.  So we've been a blur of appointments — nails, hair and make-up.  Each and every decision has been painstakingly made. 

Since she is going with a gaggle of girl friends, I thought it would be nice for her to have a corsage, even if it is from her dad.  So while she was having her hair done, I slipped out to pick up the corsage of three white rosebuds I had ordered.

A family (a dad about my age and 5 kids ranging from wobbly toddler to teenager) absentmindedly cut in front of me at the florist counter.  I'm not even sure they saw me there. While a second clerk came up to find my order, I heard the original clerk ask the man if she could help him.  He said, "We need to order some flowers for a funeral."  The clerk asked, "Who is the funeral for?" and he replied in a very muted voice, "my wife."

One of his children, a little girl around 10, tugged on his sleeve just as the clerk was holding out my daughter's corsage for my approval.  The white rosebuds were perfect and I nodded but my heart and attention were still on the family to my right.  The dad leaned over to find out why his daughter was tugging on his sleeve and she softly told him, "I want to get mom some white roses."

My only goal at that point was to get out of the store without tearing up.

As I help our daughter with her corsage of white roses tonight, I am going to say a little prayer of thanks for our fun-filled milestone and for the family who bought white roses for an all-together different reason.

And if I tear up it won't just be because my little girl is growing up.

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It’s about you and it’s about getting social!

August 20, 2007

It's time to start the countdown!  228 days until we all gather together to kick off the first of many Blogger Socials! 

You.  Me.  And hopefully a hundred or more of our marketing blogger friends from all over the globe.  CK & I came up with the initial idea.  Then we tossed it out to you. 

And boy, did you get busy! You picked the where.  You picked the when. 

Visit the event's official site Check out what you helped us plan.  Find out how to register.  Subscribe so you stay plugged in.

Together, we will make this a can't miss event.  We're counting on your help.

To try to keep all the discussion on the event's blog — we're closing comments on these announcement posts.  So come chat it up with us over at

See what CK has to say.  Listen to a podcast about Blogger Social over at Matt Dickman's blog.

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7 lessons worth learning

July 7, 2007

Picture_4 Over at the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog, they have set a big, hairy, audacious goal.  In honor of the day of luck (Saturday, 07/07/07) they are trying to accumulate 777 learning links.

It's simple.

Come up with 7 (or more) posts that inspired a learning moment and go over and post it in their comments section.  I just posted mine and thought I'd share them with you here as well.

If you look at the posts I've chosen, you'll see that for me the posts worthy of this effort were not about "how to" but instead "why it matters" types of learning.

Hope Saved on a Laptop

This 9/11 story is a powerful reminder that waiting until tomorrow to chase our dreams may be too late. We owe it to ourselves to at least begin the journey today.

What Do You Believe In?

This grew out of a famous scene in the movie Bull Durham. The question…what do you believe in generated some remarkable answers throughout the blogosphere. The learning comes from asking yourself the question.

Want to feel good about our world?

I can't watch this YouTube video (and read the accompanying story) without tearing up. This is a story about a son's dream and a father's love which brought the dream to life.

Marketing Lessons from Walt Disney

A week's stay in Walt Disney World turns into a Master's Degree in marketing, thanks to the genius of Walt Disney.

I Wish I Had Written This
 One of the finest examples of writing I have ever seen.  It is absolutely brilliant and shoudl inspire every writer to reach a little deeper.

I Hail the First-Person Singular Pronoun

A very straightforward reminder of the power of word choice.  And the power of the individual.

Helping College Grads Get a Job – FREE e-book

This collaboration became a stupendous e-book with professional and life lessons for recent college grads and even seasoned professionals.

You can also check out the compilation of the posts in a sorted order.

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Actually, I’m taller than Tom Cruise

July 4, 2007

It happens a lot.  First I hear the whispering.  Then, I notice the people trying not to stare.  Then, one of them rummages through her purse, looking for something for me to sign.

Finally one of them musters up the courage to ask, "are you Tom Cruise?"  I smile politely.  I don't want to make them feel bad. 

I just shake my head and say, "actually, I'm a little taller.  But thank you."

Saw this on Gavin's blog and couldn't resist.  He looks like Capt. Kirk, btw.

Now…before you dismiss this as online silliness, think about this. 

I had never heard of before.  I would have probably never gone looking for an online genealogy source or a place to create a family website.  But, I have a couple uncles who are very into  tracing our family's past.  So, I passed the link onto them.  (Besides, I want to see who they look like!)

Recently we talked about whether or not the Ray-Ban YouTube video was effective from a sales point of view.   I think's effort is a much better effort in aligning the viral marketing with the actual product.

Think about your product or service.  Could you create a viral "something" to draw people to your website and encourage sampling/sales?

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